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Think, Create & Thrive

Once upon a time, there was an entrepreneur ...



They had done brilliant work and achieved many things. Now, they were faced with a new challenge.

Entrepreneur under some serious stress.

The many skills and experiences that had brought them to this point, would no longer suffice to bring them to the next level. In fact, it was with great frustration and some consternation that our entrepreneur felt trapped by the very habits that had brought them so far.


It wasn't just the financing, although the business surely needed the right capital. It wasn't the people, though surely the growing team could collaborate more efficiently. It wasn't the business structure or the taxes, the technology, or the ERPs. Somehow, it seemed to be all of the above ... and none of the above.

Solution: Dyer & Company

Entrepreneur feeling confident, feeling good, in control.
  • Venture Partnering

  • Financial Control & Cash Flow Management

  • Fractional CFO Services

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Go-to-Market and M&A Strategies

  • Pitching & Capital Structuring

  • Entrepreneurial Coaching

  • Financial Training

  • Staff Development

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